SpiceAge:  new simulator for a new age

When Graham Baxter wrote SpiceAge for Windows, he started from scratch and built a simulator that is fast, friendly and way ahead of its rivals. SpiceAge can cope with standard SPICE netlists, but then goes on to support a whole range of additional features, like:-

  • Use descriptive node names and pin names
  • Import facilities into all the major Schematic Capture/PCB design programs
  • A whole host of new ways to define non-linear components
  • A new philosphy in Modelling Semiconductors
  • Special features for modelling aspects of Signal Processing, like Convolution and Fourier Analysis
  • Special Complex Plane, Smith Chart, and 3D plotting mode

Software for engineers


SpiceAge The leading electronics simulator.


Spicycle Engineering design with an easy-to-use schematic front end.


ModelMaker A set of applets for defining component models using data sheet information.