About Those Engineers


We don't just publish our software, we use it! Those Engineers are directed by Chartered Engineers, and offer a range of engineering services covering aeronautical, mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering.

Founded in 1983, Those Engineers have an established track record ranging from major design and build projects for agrochemical research to developing prototypes and writing patent specifications for private inventors. So if you need:

  • electronic circuits designed and prototyped
  • fluid flow calculations performed (incompressible, compressible and multiphase)
  • PLCs programmed
  • items in technical German negotiated or explained
  • engineering software written
  • small machines designed and made
  • a discussion on how to solve a tricky engineering problem

- you have struck lucky. Do leave your phone number on email and we will respond promptly. Whatever your needs, we strive to be flexible, fair and friendly.


Software for engineers


SpiceAge The leading electronics simulator.


Spicycle Engineering design with an easy-to-use schematic front end.


ModelMaker A set of applets for defining component models using data sheet information.